Primary School - Classes I to V

Primary education is an important milestone in child development. Based on the ideals of the broad development of pupils, our strategy is to approach child development through language skills, mathematics and science education, and art and craft.

Learning Plan and Academics

Students learn English(first language), Malayalam(Second language) and Hindi(Third language). Sanskrit can opt against Hindi as the third Language from ClassV. Apart from the languages mentioned above. The children are taught Mathematics, EVS and given an exposure to Basics in Computer Science, Physical Education, Dance, Music, Karate, Art and Craft and General Knowledge.

Saturdays are not working days for classes I to V.

The SDKYGV School follows an education pattern as per the directions of the CBSE. It refers to a system of evaluation of students that covers all aspects of Student’s Development. Students in classes I to V are assessed on the basis of unit tests and a terminal exam at the end of  a term


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