Navratri celebrations

Navratri-dedicated to Goddess Durga Maa was celebrated on September 30,2022 and  October 1, 2022. Besides dances praising the Goddess, the children also presented group songs, special displays of Karate and Yoga.

Mathrupooja was held on October 1,2022 in the school auditorium. Students performed Pooja honouring their beloved mothers. Our teachers Mrs Seena and Mrs Srividya recited serene slokas.









Sargasangamam 2022-2023

The Cultural Fest Sargasangamam 2022-23 was held on September 22 and September 23,2022. The colourful fest is a platform for our children to showcase their mettle in various literary and cultural competitions. Students performed the optimum of their talents to score top notches. Dr. Haripriya Nambudiri, noted Kathakali artist was the chief guest on the Valedictory function.

Sargasangamam 2022 video-1

Sargasangamam 2022 video-2

Sargasangamam 2022 video-3

Sargasangamam 2022 video-4

Sargasangamam 2022 video-5

Sargasangamam 2022 video-6

Sargasangamam 2022 video-7

Sargasangamam 2022 video-8

Sargasangamam 2022 video-9

Sargasangamam 2022 video-10

Sargasangamam 2022 video-11










Onam Celebration

SDKY Gurukula Vidyalaya hailed Onam with all the traditional pomp on 3rd September 2022. Students and staff were in colourful traditional attires and joy was reverberating in the entire school. The KG Onam celebretion was on 2nd September 2022 where kids danced and sang Onam songs with extreme exhilaration.Onam Sadya to the staff  and management was on 31st August 2022.


Onam celebration video-1

Achievement in SPIRITUS

  • Anamika A V  and Anaya Vineesh of standard II participated in SPIRITUS 2022-23 held at Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Kochi. They bagged the second prize in “Chakkiyum Chankaranum” competition.

  • Anuvidha Biju and Gabrial Alias of standard V bagged the second prize in “Jute Art” competition.


Sree Krishna Jayanthi

Sree Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated in the school on August 17,2022 with tiny tots dressed up as “Krishnas”, “Radhas” and “Gopikas” and there were various programmes.

Har Ghar Tiranga



India is celebrating its 75th Anniversary of Independence. As a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the central government had kick started the campaign of the Har Ghar Tiranga Program to invoke feelings of patriotism in all citizens.

 Special Assembly Programs were conducted in our school to motivate, sensitize and create awareness among the students and disseminate the information to the public. Starting from 8th August 2022, our school had organized various activities based on the theme of Tricolour. Students and teachers virtually got involved in conducting the programs with patriotic fervor.

 To imbibe the true meaning of ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’, on 8th August 2022, there was a speech to create awareness of what is Har Ghar Tiranga Program and why we need to follow the campaign. Following that there was a beautiful song sung by the students. The notice boards of all the houses displayed craft works, posters, slogans, and inspiring information showcasing the significance of our National flag.

 Though the 9th of August was a holiday our school organized a quiz program through Google form. All our students starting from 4th to 12th grade participated. The selected winners were announced. On 10th August, there was an interactive session based on interesting facts about Our National Flag. The special program arranged for the day was a speech about the importance and history of our national flag.

On 12th August, the audience witnessed talent programs such as Dance, a flag song, and a musical performance by a student in violin, followed by a live quiz. Thereafter our Principal Ma’am pinned a badge of our national flag on the chest of all the winners who had participated in the special competitions conducted based on the Har Ghar Tiranga Program in our school.

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