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Teacher’s Day and Krishna Janmashtami celebrations

SDKY GURUKULA VIDYALAYA observed Teacher’s Day with all its glory on September 5, 2023.  The assembly programmes were presented by the teachers and two of the students were designated as Acting Principal and Vice Principal on that day. Krishna Janmashtami was also celebrated with the  tiny tots dressed up as “Krishnas”, “Radhas” and “Gopikas” accompanied with dance performance and “Shoba Yatra”.

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Onam celebrations 2023

SDKY Gurukula Vidyalaya hailed Onam with all the traditional pomp on 25th August 2023. Students and staff were in colourful traditional attires and joy was reverberating in the entire school. The KG Onam celebration was on 24th August 2023 where kids danced and sang Onam songs with extreme exhilaration. On 25th August, there were mesmerizing performances of ‘Thumbi Thullal’, ‘Thiruvathira’, ‘Kaikottikali’ and fashion show. Also, children sang Onam song and ‘Vanchipattu’.




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Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated with patriotic fervor and enthusiasm. The Chief Guest  Mr Sanjayan S -Air Force Veteran,  State Vice President Akhil Bharatiya Purva Sainik Seva Parishat hoisted the National Flag. Patriotic songs and dances were presented which strengthened  the spirit of freedom and oneness among students.

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Ramayana Quiz

SDKY GURUKULA VIDYALAYA organized Ramayana quiz programme with the coordination of Mrs Remyaprasad, Mrs Seena, Mrs Geetha-faculty of the school. Students from the four houses-Aryabhatta, Bhaskara, Chandrayaan and Rohini participated enthusiastically in the four rounds and Bhaskara house secured the first place.


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Ramayana Parayanam

Ramayana month celebration began on July 17, 2023. Ramayana Parayanam is done by students daily. Dances based on Ramayana were performed by the students, devotional  songs and slokas were recited, stories of different scenes of Ramayana were told by children in the assembly bringing out the divinity and  values which the present generation needs to inculcate.

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Investiture ceremony is a solemn occasion where the School entrusts its upcoming leaders with the roles and responsibilities. The School Investiture ceremony was conducted on July 7th Friday. The School election was conducted prior to the ceremony where the students were given a novel experience of casting their votes.
Mr.P Rajkumar (ACP Cochin) was the chief guest of the day. The elected students was honored with their respective badges.



Guru Purnima 2023

SDKY GURUKULA VIDYALAYA celebrated Guru Purnima on July 3, 2023. The children offered homage  to the Spiritual Guru- Sree Narayana Guru and expressed gratitude to the teachers who impart knowledge, wisdom and  values leading to the path of success in life.

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